Stunning Handcrafted Madison Doll House


This beautiful handcrafted house is the perfect Christmas gift for either a collector or a little girl.  It's a dream house!

This blue wonder is two stories tall and has 6-8 rooms (depending on how you look at the kid's room and piano room), complete with a nursery and Christmas tree.  It comes fully furnished and accessorized with all the items you see in the pictures below.  More items are included in the dressers, shelves and trunk, including hand-made to-scale fruits and veggies I made just for the nice doll family living here.  The momma doll loves to dress up for company - she's looking especially pretty right now just for you, hoping you will take her and her family home with you! The little angel of a girl doll is happily waiting to open her Christmas presents while upstairs, the wee baby sleeps in the hand-painted crib.  The crib and most of the other furniture upstairs is homemade, either by myself or other caring doll house decorators. 

Each room is custom decorated and flexible so you can rearrange the house to your liking.  Right now, the family is looking forward to a happy Christmas with lots of presents (even presents for the puppy and kitty!).  They'd really like to come home with you and enjoy Christmas with your family too.

All the doors and windows work, as do the curtains and furniture.  The house is on the 1"=1' scale and measures 25" wide, 21" deep and 24" tall.  It weighs 35.5 pounds, including furniture. It's a sturdy house and should stand up to years of enjoyment and play.

This beautifully trimmed house is painted a lovely shade of blue with warm wooden shingles.  All the windows and doors work, and the house's sturdy construction will keep it in great shape for years to come!


All the items and dolls you see here are included with the house, even including some you don't see!  The curio cabinet in the living room has accessories, as do the bedroom dressers, nursery shelves and dining cabinet.  Out of sight behind the Christmas tree is loveseat, perfect for cuddling up and reading A Christmas Story.


This beautiful bedroom set was designed by a very talented artist who took the time and attention to put some great care into the furnishings.  The flower-designed trunk at the foot of the bed works and holds an extra tablecloth and some clothes.  The kid's room is happily occupied by a wee sleeping babe, just waiting to be named and loved. 


This gorgeous bathroom set is all the way from Scotland, where they excel at making fine doll furnishings!

This room has such potential! It could be a study, a sewing room, a bedroom, anything you desire!  In the meantime, come up for a snack of candy from the candy bowl!


Hand-strung across the Christmas tree is a string of yellow popcorn.  Fresh fruits wait to be eaten (hand-made with fimo clay) on the table and lots and lots of Christmas presents wait to be opened!  Come on over for the Holidays!

The dining area boasts a beautiful golden chair set and some hand-made roses in a matching vase.

At the entry way, a coat rack waits to take your coat and umbrella.  Please come in!