Rugged Yet Homey Shenandoah Log Cabin Doll House


This rugged, yet warm log cabin doll house is the perfect Christmas gift for a child or collector!  Girls will be delighted with the accessories and family home and boys will enjoy the outdoor, woodsy aspects.  It's the perfect cabin in the woods!

This log cabin is two stories tall, with the second story being a bedroom style loft.  It comes fully furnished and accessorized with all the items you see in the pictures below.  More items are included in the trunk, cabinets and ice box, including hand-made fruits and vegetables just right for cabin livin'!  The doll children would love someone to play with and help spruce up their home with more tools and toys. 

The cabin is custom decorated with a mix of homemade furniture and accessories and those fitting the cabin style and period.  The deer above the fireplace are real porcelain, just as the blue rug is hand-made by local seniors in the Midwest.  This cabin even comes with its own miniature doll house and barn for the kids!

This cabin is on the 1"=1' scale and measures 27" wide, 16" deep and 19" tall.  It weighs 13 pounds, including furniture. It's a solid cabinand should stand up to years of enjoyment and play.

Complete with fireplace, this cozy cabin is the perfect gift or collector's item.


All the items and dolls you see here are included with the house, even including some you don't see!  The kitchen cabinet, trunk and ice box all have other accessories.  There's even a set of fine silver (well...almost silver) in its own special carrying case.


Upstairs, this cozy bedroom sports a musical section with an old time violin for the grown-ups and a miniature doll house and barn for the kids. Tucked into the trunk at the foot of the bed are spare candles to light up the dark nights and other goodies.


Matching dove beds stand ready and quilted for the kids.  The sewing corner has its own rocking chair and the map on the wall tells of exploration just waiting to happen!


A warm and friendly kitchen awaits the happy doll family.  A home-made baked apple pie sits on the table, fresh from the oven.  The stove is real cast iron, complete with oven rack, removable burners, teapot and iron pans. 


This cozy little tree stands happily over a bunch of finely crafted Christmas presents waiting to be opened.  A surprised momma cat guilty looks at the camera, her kitten in her mouth.  Surprise!  Come enjoy this house today.