Beautiful Hand Crafted Victorian Doll House


This beautiful detailed Victorian style Newberg doll house is the perfect Christmas for a child or a collector.   It's a dream home!

The doll house is three stories tall with a kitchen, living room, bedroom, study, bathroom and wee kids room for the twin daughters of the fine lady of the house.  It comes fully furnished with all the items, accessories and porcelean dolls you see below.  More items are included in the refrigerator, curio cabinet and dressers. Hand-made fruits and vegetables add a homey touch to the warm kitchen.  Little steaks and a batch of fresh eggs are ready to fry on the stove.   The family would love to have you over for breakfast!

The doll house is custom decorated with warm, comfortable colors.  When I was designing the home, I called it The Berry Manor since it looks so delightfully like a warm berry!  The rooms are decorated in pinks, greens and blues that all tie together to form the Manor.

This doll house is on the 1"=1' scale and measures 25" wide, 17" deep and 28" tall.  It weighs 16 pounds, including furniture. The fine trims and hand-laid shingles make this a house to enjoy for years to come.

The front porch has been stained a deep dark brown while the rest of the house is in warm rose colors.  A little bike and even a scooter sit on the porch, waiting to be played with!


All the items and dolls you see here are included with the house, even including some you don't see!  The refrigerator, curio cabinet and dressers all have accessories included.  Extra fruits and veggies are included, as well as books for the kids and mini-dolls for the walnut boat in the kid's room!


This warm bedroom has a vase of hand-made flowers resting by the bed.  Fluffy comforters wait for the fine lady to take a rest.  A favorite book rests on the dresser, looking forward to being read again!


This inviting room is home to the family's snow white Christmas tree.  What's in all those presents? The girls can't wait to find out!


Toys toys toys!  A little Raggedy Ann doll sits on the bed, while sailors wait to ride around on the soft purple floor in their very own Wal-Nut boat.  A game of Monopoly sits on the table, dice ready for the next round!  The little girls even have their very own doll house in their play room.


Cozy blue slippers wait by the door for the next occupant of the finely decorated bathroom.  A little hamper sits near the sink, holding some frilly socks in need of cleaning.


This cozy living room is a favorite hangout spot for this twin. She likes looking at the maps and imaging herself off sailing around the world!  Little Kitten keeps watch from the stairs. Extra dishes and other goodies are in the curio cabinet, along with some foodstuffs.


This warm kitchen has a springy hat rack for visitors waiting by the hinged door.  Pizza, melons and even some crabs legs are in the fridge, waiting to be nibbled on.  Come on over for a home cooked meal!